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The Rainbow

Discover a Natural, Purer Future

Saving the environment starts with the inside of your home. Purify the air you and your family breathe today with one of our Rainbow Home Cleaning Systems. This vacuum unit spotlessly cleans your home and anywhere else for a healthier living space in the most natural way possible, with the power of water.

How The Rainbow Works

Utilizing water as the filter, the Rainbow washes the air you breathe while trapping dust and dirt. Traditional filters clog which produces airflow problems and causes more germs to be released. There are no paper filters on the front of the Rainbow vacuum, so 99.9% of household dust and dirt is trapped in the water. Then, fresh, water-washed air is returned to your home.

Proud Owner of the Rainbow

At Pure Living, we believe the product should sell itself.  We don’t hire salespeople, only owners of the Rainbow who have gone through the Equity program themselves. It ensures that real people care about our products, and living in the healthiest environment possible.

After you become a proud owner of a Rainbow, you can join the Equity Program which allows you to refer your friends and family! This gives a great opportunity to make money back on your investment and also make some money to put in your pocket! The benefits of the Rainbow truly keep on giving.

To learn more about the products, services, and the overall benefits the Rainbow system offers, Contact us by calling 715.514.3216 and receive a free in-home test drive and demonstration!


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